With PCs in every classroom and the opportunity to carry your laptop around, such word combination as "PowerPoint presentation" doesn't surprise anyone anymore. Involvement of this assignment in education have influenced the overall academic life and made it more diversified and interesting. Students are asked to create presentations to deepen their knowledge on the topic. Professors, in turn, demonstrate their own slides during the classes to interest learners in the study process. Depending on the circumstances, presentations may have different purposes:

Keep in mind that your presentation is not just background noise for a speech on a certain topic. This project has its own particularities and requirements that should be met accurately. Your PowerPoint assignment is to be engaging and comprehensible for your target audience and contain the information that is relevant to your studies. You need to consider what would be appropriate to include in it. Devote some time to recall the standards for this type of assignment and pay attention to the notes of your professor.

It is also clear that you are not only to copy-paste the information but demonstrate some of your skills and technology literacy. Here, we would like to offer some useful tips and tricks to use for making your PowerPoint project refined.

PowerPoint Presentation Step by Step

Choose the title and go ahead. You have just opened the PowerPoint window and don't know how to start? Focus on the topic you were given (or picked) - formulate it correctly to have a clear message on your title slide. Provide your audience with a coherent image of what you are going to talk about from the very beginning. The topic should be laconic but intriguing to keep the listeners interested. If the title slide should include information about the author of the project, try to arrange it appropriately.

Collect the data. Once you have decided what would be the main subject of your PowerPoint presentation, it's time to collect all the necessary materials. Read more about your topic to have a clear understanding of it and decide what information would be suitable. Here is one main rule: rely on trustworthy and up-to-date data sources. Consider what aspects you would like to emphasize the most and surf the Web for relevant information and interesting facts. To make this process more convenient, create an outline for your presentation or use some theses to arrange everything logically. Decide what should be presented in the beginning, and what would be proper for the conclusion.

Fill the slides. Now, it's about time to work on the filling of your slides and recall a saying "brevity is the soul of wit." Say "no" to the lengthy texts on the slides of your PowerPoint; fill them with the key points and ideas - you can extend them orally during your speech. But, it is not about short sentences. You are to complement your slides with additional engaging materials to make them more informative and interesting. Use quick access toolbar to make up various charts, graphs, or stats and help the audience visualize the information. If you want to use other materials (videos or images, etc.), approach the selection thoroughly and pick only those of good quality. PowerPoint presentation serves not only to entertain but to guarantee a proper perception. That means all the materials you use should be relevant and appropriate for your topic.

Tips and Tricks

Apart from the basics, there are several useful tips you can apply to refine your PowerPoint assignment. Take a look at some details and peculiarities to pay attention to and recommendations to follow.

Stick to one color palette

Firstly, make sure the color you'd like to use isn't obnoxious - opt for neutral palettes. Since the presentation is one of the most popular assignments, you can find a lot of good templates for PowerPoint on the Web. Sticking to one color scheme will make your project look harmonious.

Think out of the box

Try to steer clear of the templates proposed by the app itself. With all the options available, you can create custom shapes and get the design you want. Thus, you can balance the text with images or other elements and make the entire presentation well-organized. Make your project stand out from the crowd and show your diligent approach.

Don't forget about transitions

A transition is a feature that can be omitted, but it still deserves attention. Click the corresponding tab of the PowerPoint panel and choose the effect you would like to apply. You can make the slides fade to black, wipe each other, split, etc.

Save your slides in JPG

To save you from any worries or unforeseen circumstances (e.g., the inability to open your project on the school PC), we suggest you take this kind of safety measure. Make sure you have saved your slides in JPG format. This way, you can present them as images. You can also create several copies of your project (on your Google Drive, PC, smartphone, flash drive, etc.) to be immune to accidental deleting of your home assignment.

With these fabulous tips, you will be the best PPT wizard in your class! There is, of course, another answer to your homework issue - you can always order it online. We can prepare an excellent presentation for you. Just chat with our support stuff - ask questions you're curious about and find the answers you seek.

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