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When a potential customer takes a decision on buying a product or a service or not buying it, price is one of the first (if not the first) things the person looks at. That is why we try to keep prices of our services reasonable and client-friendly. To achieve this goal we constantly perfect our skills and discipline to make our business as effective as possible and give our clients rare opportunity to purchase high quality services for lower prices.

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The most obvious difference between academic papers of different kinds is their volume. But there are also certain peculiarities to each kind of assignment that demand different approach and amount of work from writers. For example, such papers as dissertation or a course work require very thorough research of the given topic and making original and valid statements about the subject. Such orders take a lot more writers' time and energy than, for example, essays, and that, of course, automatically means higher price.

Level of assignment

There are types of papers, such as dissertation or course work, which will never be given as homework in high school. But there are some assignments that one can run across both while getting secondary and higher education. For example, essays, book reports, group projects, power point presentations etc. In school, college and university requirements for those assignments are different. That is why price of your order may considerably change depending on which level of assignment you've chosen.

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The most difficult tasks that our team had to face usually included writing a big relevant text of high quality in a very short period of time. Such orders not only demand professionalism and experience, they are also difficult challenges for any author, since a writer who agrees to take them commits him/her-self to intense and hard labor, sometimes without any opportunity to have a rest until the task is completed. That is why we urge our clients to order their papers as far from due dates as possible since it not only lowers the price, but also gives assigned writers a chance to analyze and thoroughly work on every text.


The final price of your order will depend on volume of the paper you want to be written. The price of one page depends on the above mentioned parameters and on spacing of a page. It is approximately twice as many words on a single spaced page as on a double spaced so prices on them differ accordingly.


But if you have a large paper to write, don't get ready to spend all your money just yet. Check out our discount offers, it may turn out that the final price will be much lower than you expect.

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