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What It Is

In most (if not all) countries around the world, prospective postgraduate students looking to gain admission into doctorate or PhD programs are usually required to prepare a research proposal to include in their application. But what exactly is the meaning of the term? A dissertation research proposal is a piece of writing in which the applying student conveys specific information about the research work they intend to pursue in the course of their doctorate study. It is expected to include the following information.

  • Problem and approach.
    This is the key problem or issue to be tackled and the way the student intends to uncover and address them.
  • Relevance or significance.
    This points out why the applicant's proposed research is important or interesting in the context of the modern development scene of the field.
  • Uniqueness or originality.
    The applicant should convey how their topic and approach stands out from others by being unprecedented or appreciably different.
  • Potential contribution.
    This should demonstrate the potential of the proposed work to contribute to or advance the field and effectively tackle the problem and issues under the scope of research.
  • Aptitude and suitability of the applicant.
    Similar to the originality point, this is the part where the applicant makes a case for themselves to convince the program admission committee that they have what it takes in knowledge and skills to pursue the intended research.

A dissertation proposal is the most crucial application document of all that prospective PhD students are to prepare. It's expected to be relatively brief (a summary) and clear in conveying the ideas therein. The required length is usually given by the relevant academic department. Accordingly, if you are not sure of what the specifics are, search for the answer on the application page on your target university's website.

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