Cookie Policy

Why we need cookies

Simply put, cookies are data files that are stored on your personal computer, phone and other devices with internet access. Cookies hold data about your visits when you open websites using your browser.

When you submit information via the Website, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may, from time to time, change this policy. The updated policy will be posted to the Website, and your use of the Website following any updates shall be deemed as your acceptance of those changes.

We need such files to enhance various sections of our website and change it according to your expectations. They help boost the quality of your experience, for instance, allow you to stay in the system for as long as you need or make the navigation easier.

Certainly, it's entirely your choice to enable cookies or not. If for any reason you need them off, it's very simple to do. But you should understand that if you disable these files, it could cause some website malfunctions on your device.

Types of Cookies That Are Used

There are 2 types of such files: session cookies and persistent cookies. The first ones are stored on your laptop or computer only when you're online. Session cookies are stored only if your browser is working, and their primary use is tracking your earlier online activity. The other kind can also be called permanent as these cookies are saved irrespective of whether your Internet browser is active or not.

Things that cookies let us do

Cookies are utilized in the essential element of our website - our order form. If you turn off these files, you won’t have the ability to place an order for our services. Cookies also provide the next features:

  • Tracking the order progress;
  • Keeping you logged in;
  • Seeing the data on the frequency of using our software for plagiarism checking;
  • Helping every client via our online chat;
  • Monitoring the customer’s activity through Google Analytics;

Other companies aren’t involved in our work

We utilize cookies during order placing whenever the customer needs to pay for our assistance. We don’t share your personal data with other companies that don’t get involved in the process of placing your order, doing the tasks and delivering the paper.

Cookies management

Cookies deletion is generally the primary cause of incorrect functionality of the website, which can spoil your browsing experience. If you really want to disable them, it can be done through web browser controls. All the necessary guidelines can be found in the help section of your Internet browser if needed.

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