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Defining and Understanding

A personal statement is a piece of writing in which an applying student describes the reasons for their interest in the chosen program, their career ambition, and motivations for pursuing the course of study; it also includes their past distinguishing accomplishments (academic and non-academic) and why they believe they can contribute and be valuable as an enrolled student. You should expect that the content of your statement will be used in assessing your application - it will determine whether you're a good fit for the course, job, or scholarship.

There are also a few other important things about this type of write-up. Let's look at the requirements and then get to some valuable advice on how to cook up a magical potion of the most extraordinary statement.

Each program would usually give specific requirements regarding things such as the following:

  • what specifically should be written (the content);
  • the formatting specification for the document;
  • length of the writing (the word count).

Tips for Personal Statement Writing

When preparing your statement, you have to consider deeply and carefully the points to include. The following are helpful ideas.

  • Make a preliminary list of the features that make your personality unique. Personal statements are meant not to write a fairytale but highlight the rare traits of your character that can be nourished and expanded by your participation in the chosen program.
  • Form a central theme around which you will compose your writing, learn as many details as you can and implement them. Your paper has to be particularly relevant to its purpose. Do you know the specifics of the position the company offers or the course the university is starting? Find out! You have to be fully informed before embarking on your writing journey.
  • Start with a catchy statement that should capture the attention of your reader. Use this as a hook to get your audience to take an interest in your writing. As previously mentioned, you're far from the only one claiming the position. You need to stand out and make them want to hold their attention on your statement.
  • Write about some brief personal experience to help to give more context for the personal quality or achievement you are trying to project. Giving an example of this is what would help you paint a vivid picture of who you are. Lives are like puzzles, and you need to gather all the sparkling pieces to form a full picture.
  • Try to make your writing a fun and interesting read for your audience. Visualize saying aloud what you have written to the panel of selection officers seated in front of you. Think of this writing as your way to introduce yourself to them and make you stay in their minds.

Although the information given above may help significantly, it's still a challenge - to write a compelling essay. To give you some context, think about this as being analogous to reading a book about preparing a dish you have never made previously, or reading about how to drive a car with no prior experience. The problem here is that merely reading the book doesn't translate to proficiency.

The underlying issue at play in the above analogies is akin to the problem students encounter when writing a personal statement. There's just no easy substitute for practicing one's skills. It's no surprise that many students who have never written such a statement may find themselves thinking for too long about what to include and how to present it. Some allow it to drag on for too long in a classical act of procrastination.

The bottom line is simple - you need to keep writing, and then writing, and then writing some more. Ask your teachers, parents, or friends to proofread and give their opinion, don't get off their backs until they provide you with honest and clear remarks. Your final statement has to be perfect. Don't waste that free time of yours - use it to polish your writing so well it shines!

We shouldn't forget about one simple thing, though. Life is not as easy as we would wish it to be. There are tons of responsibilities and errands for you to complete before you can even think about cutting an hour or two for your writing practice session. You should never forget that it is okay to lag behind due to the lack of time or expertise. It is in no way or form harmful to ask for professional writing help. And that is where we come in!

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Our Service Process

What could be more interesting and notable than our easy-to-follow order process? Take a quick look at how we work with students like you: the following steps are what you have to do when you choose to get assistance from our company.

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  5. Writing begins.
  6. After payment is successfully made, we will match you with a writer that is most suitable for your specific circumstance. Typically, we do this based on previous experience of the writers in a specific discipline or academic level. Your writer will work with you to get the proper inputs for preparing your personal statement. We will ask you to provide any other pertinent information that would be necessary to get the work done.

  7. Writing is completed.
  8. When the paper is ready, you receive a finished order. You get to read it and make sure to check how well it meets all your given requirements.

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