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Frequent Questions about Our Service

It's natural to have questions on the ordering process, especially when buying a paper for the first time. Therefore, we want to answer some of the most common ones we get from our customers.

  • Who will be assigned to my task?
    Your writer is an expert who has the skills required to carry out your custom task. You can ask us to write everything from engineering to marketing. Our customer service policy is to satisfy the needs of students of different specialties.
  • What will happen to my personal information?
    You can be sure we won't disclose your private data outside of the company. We do not risk our research paper writing service rating by sharing your info with third parties.
  • Can I have a draft before the final result?
    Sure, but you need to specify it while making an order. Or, you may also ask your writer for a draft when they already started carrying out the task.
  • Can I communicate with my writer?
    Yes! You can communicate with the assigned research paper writer any time thanks to the user-friendly messaging system. You can also use it to attach additional info on your order.
  • Do I need to make any extra payments?
    No. The only case when you may need to pay extra money is when you ask us to provide you with extra pages, shorten the time-frame, or alter your initial guidelines.
  • What if I did not get a writer to do my task?
    We've got enough writers per company. That enables us to assign your task to one of them immediately after you make an order. In rare cases, there may be no qualified writers available to execute the task of your quality level and within the agreed time-frame. If so, you will be offered a complete refund from our company.

As you can see, ordering from our research paper writing service is neither risky nor burdensome. You can confidently order any academic project you will be assigned to as our top essay writers can help you with coursework, a lab report, a term paper, case study, article, and essays whether you are from the United Kingdom or the USA. Do not hesitate to try our company and avoid suffering on your own!

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