Do you love writing essays but find it hard tackling the narrative ones? Well, the good news is that you are not alone in this predicament. As does everything else in life that has a beginning and an end, the time has come for your worries to be over. This is our guide to ultimately help people like yourself - read it through and learn the tips and tricks to bringing narrative essays ideas to life!

Making It Flawless

To understand the theme, we must define it. A narrative essay is a paper that allows the author to share their personal experiences through storytelling in a manner that can inspire the reader. One needs to have an eye for the little details to write an interesting narrative paper for they contribute to its beauty. Let us clarify any former misconception about narrative essay writing. We will break it down into the traditional format for writing all essay types.

Preparation Stage

Simply knowing the structure is not good enough to start writing an academic paper because the process requires more. Before committing your paragraph to paper, you have to make preparations which include choosing the topic and drafting some preliminary short notes. These initial steps are a part of achieving the ultimate goal.

Topic Choosing

At times, students have the freedom of choice when it comes to the issue they need to explore but more often than not the professor assigns one. Either one of these situations can occur, but if you happen to be given the latter choice, it's essential to pick what resonates with you best. Choosing a fitting topic is positively correlated with the outcome of your paper.

Taking Notes

Since this type of paper usually involves the use of personal experiences, intensive research is not needed in most cases. Since it's your own paper, you need to put on your best game face. Hence, the need to make quick notes when planning your approach to the paper.


The initial step to writing excellent narratives in a flash is to write a killer introduction. One of the identifying features of a fine introduction is a well-written thesis. You can also employ the use of hooks like similes and quotes as they make your essay well-thought-out and pleasing to the eye. This is really essential.

Main Body

Now that your introduction is taken care of, the time has come to tell your audience what your essay is really about. Include a supporting sentence or two and examples of different scenarios throughout the essay to make it more relatable and interesting.


This is the easiest part of committing an essay to paper. As it's implied in the name, your job is to close the curtains on the whole thing. In a nutshell, simply look back on the main points you've made and add your final thought. And just like that - your paper is done and dealt with!

Top 20 Narrative Essay Topics

  1. My initial job experience.
  2. The trip to the vet, or How I almost lost my favorite pet.
  3. My best camping experience.
  4. How I met my best friend.
  5. My worst experience in high school.
  6. How I met my life partner.
  7. The theory of human cruelty - nature vs. nurture.
  8. That one day the electricity went out during a blizzard.
  9. The new year experience that transformed me forever.
  10. The activities I would do differently if I could travel back in time.
  11. My heroism act.
  12. The first few weeks after I moved out of my parents' house.
  13. The day I fell out of love.
  14. My best experience in school.
  15. The day I learned how to drive and almost knocked out a granny.
  16. The cooler talks - a funny misunderstanding at work.
  17. Why did I decide to become a therapist.
  18. I was five, the emu was huge - my first trip to the zoo.
  19. A part of achieving my dreams is believing in myself - the secret to happiness.
  20. Thank you for stopping by - reconciliation with a childhood friend.

To summarize, narrative writing is quite fun for millennial learners. This is because it gives them the opportunity to express some of their experiences. However, it is usually a different story for some students when it comes to putting thoughts into words on a paper.

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