How to Write a Common Application Essay — Best App Tips 2020

Want to get a chance to stand out from the crowd and become a student at a college of your dreams? That is a commendable ambition, and to succeed with these intentions, you need to undergo an application process that can be full of stressful situations. One of the main challenges you have to face is a common app essay writing. Students wish to make a positive impression on the committee and try their best to achieve that aim. But, what is so challenging about writing an essay where you express your wish to study in a certain school?

First, during the application process, you aren't only one dreaming about entering the institution, and many candidates can compete with you. The task here is to prove that it's you who deserves a place in that school. Your app assignment should be original, relevant, and appropriate in terms of the committee's requirements.

Then, there is a quite limited range of common application topics you can write on. Usually, the essay prompts are focused on precise aspects. Those are personal growth, your participation in the life of academia, future plans, and other things related to your personality, accomplishments, and competence as a student. The challenge here is that you should present yourself in the best light but without excessive bragging.

Another point to keep in mind is a compulsory fulfillment of basic and specific requirements of an app essay for a particular school. Depending on the college admissions' demands, your writings can have different lengths, structures, and even purposes. Your application may show what a perfect candidate you are. But, failing to follow the basic rules may lower your enrollment chances.

This way, your common app personal statement will be perfect if you cope with the next issues:

Compliance with these terms and conditions will let you be confident about the success of your writing. And, to make it easier, we offer you to read our article. We have prepared this guide for you to know more about how to write a common app essay and overcome any difficulties you may face during the application process. How long should that essay be? What topics will work the best, and what should you avoid while writing an app essay that will impress the admissions board? In this review, we will answer all these questions and provide you with various recommendations you may need.

How to Write a Good Common App Essay

The primary aim of this assignment is to show the committee who you are - create a perfect portrait of yourself in a written form. But, avoid redundant and general information. Everyone knows that you are a student who wants to enter a particular school - you have to dwell on something more interesting and original. The objective here is to create an image of a diligent and attentive learner, persistent and confident member of society, a sympathetic and responsive friend, etc. That glimpse of your personality will show the committee that you will swell the ranks of their students perfectly. But, don't be too quick to decide on strategies that will help you come up with a distinguishing essay. Take your time to appreciate the value of requirements and rules to follow.

First of all, let's consider a few key requirements that everyone should meet. The length of this writing is up to 650 words, and it cannot be shorter than 250 words. This word count is enough to show who you are. Tell the readers about your academic principles and aims, discuss a new understanding of a particular issue (if prompt allows that). Then, there is no rigid structure for this paper, and you can organize your writing the way you consider the most effective. But, keep in mind at least three crucial elements that should be preserved:

Common app writing is the story of the learner, where the academic world and accomplishments are interconnected with your aims, resolutions, and personal experience. You cannot choose only one side. But, what are the issues that you can dwell on while preparing an application essay?

General Prompts for Common Application

If your aim is to enter an institution, you have to be aware of all its news, updates, and changes. The same goes for the application process. This way, if you are eager to know about possible topics for your personal statement, try going to the school's website. There, look for the information in the program of application. Below, you can find a list of the main questions that students usually answer in their app essays:

But, you cannot just describe your hobbies, favorite movies, or the first time you went abroad. The goal is to show how these activities and events influenced the development of your personality. For a student's attention not to nebulize, the committee usually prepares a list of prompts. You can use one of those as a center of your application. These are topics that let you combine discussions on your personal and academic life, consider different ideas, and emphasize the most important issues.

It doesn't matter what particular topic you will choose - the goal is to cover it and make a reasonable statement. By using these prompts, you can tell readers about different aspects of your life. Consider things that influenced your personality, made you the student you are, and inspired to apply to a certain college.

So, with a relevant common app essay writing, you earn your way to success. But how to write it? That is the question of major concern for applicants, and we are going to answer it.

Tips for Common App Essay Writing

Your intention is to make the audience (admissions board) distinguish your candidature, but that doesn't influence the structure of your essay much. The writing should be done according to the academic standards, and we would like to recall some of them for you.

The first section of your essay is a crucial one. Here, grab the reader's attention. Shed light on the topic you've picked - you can use a thought-provoking question or interesting fact as a "hook." You have to make the committee members study your application from the first to the last sentence. Whatever your topic is, stay away from using boring or confusing sentences at the beginning, even though they seem intriguing.

To describe this or that event that influenced your life, you may begin with interesting facts about how everything started. Or, maybe your parents influenced your perception of an issue that you are writing about. To impress the committee, think out of the box!

When working on the body of your app essay, remember that there are matters that should be avoided. For instance, politics - that subject is highly debatable. Your aim is not to prove the point but to show your academic competence and value as an applicant (the patriots or immigrants are better not to pop up in your writing). Here, more global kind of topics could work the best, especially if you interconnect them with your personality and experience.

For instance, the idea of global warming that inspires you. An application assignment on this subject matter can cover the aspects you need:

At the end of your app writing, summarize everything. For instance, you describe an event that helped you change your mind - here, you can write about a lesson learned. But what if the focus of your narration is on your beliefs and further accomplishments? Then, try to consider the ways to make them real. A concluding section shouldn't be too long - just a few sentences straightening the general idea of your essay would be enough. Your conclusion shouldn't be longer than the body part.

A relevant app essay is free from grammar or lexical mistakes. It should be written from scratch. There are lots of online tools and platforms where you can manage these aspects, and a good app essay example can help you consider the best writing strategy.

So many applications are already written. Sometimes this fact makes it challenging for students to come up with something really distinguishing, or there could be different issues preventing your preparation of a top-notch essay. Still, the committee doesn't accept excuses like "I have been so overworked lately." But worry not! On our platform, professional writers can support you at any time and provide the common app essay you deserve. With the help of our consultants, you can get professional academic assistance in any field and be confident about your success. With us, the doors of any college are open for you!

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