40 Problem Solution Essay Topics for Different Academic Levels

We may not notice it, but from time to time, a lot of problems appear in the world around and even in our own lives. Some of these issues are not that serious. But, many of them require thoughtful consideration because the consequences can be harsh. As responsible members of society, we have to be aware of today's burning questions and try to understand, "can we solve any of them?"

The sense of responsibility and attention to everyday life is what many professors try to establish in students' minds throughout the academic journey. Hence, high school and college education programs include a problem solution essay. What is the use of that assignment? The student's task is to dwell on a particular problematic phenomenon or a question and suggest a possible way (or ways) of its resolution. But what's so important about this paper?

In a relevant problem-solution essay, you show why a particular issue is crucial. Then, you come up with suggestions on what should be done to change things for the better. But, it is hard to investigate without knowing what are you looking for, and the first thing to do is to formulate a good topic - the more responsibly you approach this stage, the higher your problem solution essay's quality will be.

40 Good Topics for a Problem-Solution Essay

Before actual writing, one has to decide on the main message of the assignment and its subject matter. For many college students, it's a problem. What are the ways of choosing a great topic? What is an efficient strategy for finding an issue that will be interesting to discuss and not-so-hard to study? There are many articles on how to pick the best topic, and we've prepared this guide to help you do it easily.

Choosing a problem solution essay topic is one of the most important stages because the success of your work depends on it greatly. But, selecting a subject that will be interesting only for you isn't enough. For example, what do you think of the topic "The problem of finding the best present for my mom"? Yes, here, you have a question, and the answer to it is expected to be found at the end of an essay. But, the central purpose of this assignment is to attract the audience's attention toward issues that affect everyone and provoke some thought in their minds. So, you need to think big. Here are the main features of problem-solution essay topics:

To understand in what ways you will get the best theme, we recommend you looking through several precise examples. But in our guide, we don't just list the ideas for solutions essays on various topics. We consider your academic level a crucial point for that specific choice and, therefore, divide our problem-solution essay prompts into several categories based on major educational stages. At a certain age, students have different skills and knowledge which they need to apply. That is why the topics you choose for the problem solution essay may vary by difficulty, described aspect of life, and many other factors.

We have prepared several lists of 13 best problem-solution essay topics that you can use for your assignments. Below, you will find interesting ideas for your middle school, high school, and college writings. And why 13? Because it's definitely a lucky number!

Problem and Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

The middle school period is when students start working on more serious issues. They think about how the world works and what the issues looming over these days are. While going through these years, learners begin to consider the question of "how can we help?" Are you a student at a middle school? If so, some of the ideas offered below can come in handy.

In this list, you can find simple topics as well as those requiring more profound research - exactly what is needed at the middle school level.

13 Ideas for High School Problem-Solution Essay

At high school, subject matters for this assignment become more serious. Now, students know more about the world around, notice more problems that should be solved, and understand that everything has consequences. Therefore, every research becomes a step towards a perception of different aspects of life, and the matters studied help learners to obtain a strong stance. At this level, you are ready to come up with really efficient solutions.

We can assume that at high school, people deal with challenges of puberty, and one of those is fighting against requirements and standards of society. Professors may assign you to write a problem-solution essay on, for example, problem of human trafficking or feminism to see what your stance is.

13 Good Problem Solution Essay Topics for College

College may have the highest difficulty level when it comes to problem-solution essay topics. Here, you have a precise specialty and cannot beat around the bush. The most important thing to do is to formulate a question that will let you conduct relevant research, provide evidence to your ideas, and maybe even discover new boundaries of your course. There is no place for assumptions - you should define a problem and suggest solutions that are worth considering.

Now that you have so many problem solution topics for middle school, high school, and even college projects, we are sure your essay writing will be much easier.

Need Help with Writing a Problem Solution Essay?

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