Cyber Bullying Essay Writing Guide — Means to Stop Cyberbullying

Did you know that one in three teenagers faces cyber threats on social networking sites? How about another interesting fact: many teens (more than 25%) have been bullied via their devices. Are these signs alarming? Should parents limit the children's access to mobile phones and computers or restrict their freedom for the sake of prevention from online attacks? Those are all great ideas for a cyber bullying essay. But what are the other features and requirements of this assignment? In our guide, we will go through the basics of a bullying essay and discuss different aspects of this matter. Also, you'll get some relevant tips that will be helpful if your homework is focused on cyberbullying issues.

If you cannot decide on the topic for your assignment or aren't confident about your writing skills — this article is for you.

What is a Cyberbullying Essay?

Without defining the purpose of an academic paper, it's hard to deal with it appropriately. An essay writing about cyberbullying aims to cover the issue of digital bullying by revealing different aspects of this subject and offering relevant examples. Here, you can define this phenomenon, express your attitude toward it, or propose effective solutions to prevent bullying in any manifestation. The main objective of your writing will always depend on the type of essay assigned:

There is a whole range of factors that can influence your choice:

In the next section, we'll try to help you with this decision.

Which Genre to Pick for a Writing on Cyberbullying?

The type of essay you pick greatly changes the strategy of your writing. If you select a definition one, you have to identify/explain the term using both official sources, dictionaries, and your best guesses. Don't forget to support your interpretations with real-life examples and personal experience if you have something to say.

Also, to understand what to write about and how to meet the writing objectives, you may look for a sample essay on a topic similar to the one you picked. Or, if the cyberbullying is a too complicated subject matter for you, you can turn to our custom writing and editing services. If you need an expert to "do my homework for me," we will be glad to provide you with academic assistance anytime.

If you're going to write this essay yourself, the next aspect you have to consider is the structure.

Outline for a Cyberbullying Essay

The outline for your (for example) social media cyber bullying essay will be similar to the structure of any other writing assignment. You can either make it a 5-paragraph essay or add more sections depending on how many points you are going to discuss. For instance, a compare and contrast paper could be longer than a reflective assignment describing just one experience. Nevertheless, you cannot go wrong with a general essay outline:

  1. Title page (if needed).
  2. Introduction (hook sentence + topic presentation + thesis statement).
  3. Body section(3 or more paragraphs).
  4. Conclusion (paraphrased thesis + summary of the topic sentences + final statement).
  5. References/Works Cited (depends on the chosen format: MLA citation, APA citation, etc.).

Let's look at each section in detail.

Introduction to a Cyberbullying Essay

In a cyber bullying essay introduction, the primary goal is to capture the reader's attention from the first line. Thus, we recommend starting with something interesting. One of these hooks related to the topic of cyberbullying should work:

Once you're done with the hook, explain why the question you plan to discuss is relevant today. End with the powerful thesis statement like: "Taking into account more than 50% of adolescents never tell their parents about being attacked by a cyber bully, schools and colleges should hire qualified experts with whom students will be ready to share intimate details of such situations."

Body Paragraphs of a Cyberbullying Essay

Start the first body paragraph using a transition word to show its connection with the introduction. Transitions words are "first of all," "to begin with," "thus," "unlike," "in contrast," etc. They all have different purposes, so make sure to choose the best one from the corresponding category (addition, opposition, etc.)

Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence expressing the major idea of that particular section. Do not forget to add in-text citations and examples to make the reader understand the topic in-depth. Reference the sources correctly on the last page, in your bibliography.

To back your ideas with reliable facts, you have to conduct thoughtful research. Where to look for info that can come in handy? Look thought bullying articles on the Internet, use data from cyber bullying infographic and statistics — even a blog entry with its comment section can turn out to be useful.

The Conclusion to a Cyberbullying Essay

A cyberbullying essay conclusion should persuade the audience about the importance of the issues related to cyberbullying. Or, you have to make the readers think of this matter and its consequences. You may stress why specific preventive measures should be taken, or conclude that restricting access to mobile devices will not resolve the problem. It's up to you and your research results. In the last part of your writing, we recommend including a hook like a rhetorical question to leave a long-lasting impression and keep the reader interested in the topic raised.

10 Thrilling Cyberbullying Essay Topics

The professor may not specify what exactly you should cover in your essay about cyberbullying. That's why we have a list of the best ideas for you:

  1. The ways mean messages can hurt.
  2. Reasons to be involved in cyberbullying.
  3. How a child can become a victim of cyberbullying.
  4. How to protect yourself from online threats.
  5. Preventive measures to avoid cyberbullying.
  6. Differences and similarities between traditional bullying and cyberbullying.
  7. A hidden name as a way to protect oneself from bullying on the Internet.
  8. Sexting and its impact on the mind of an average high school student.
  9. The role of cell phones in the problem of cyberbullying.
  10. Consequences of cyberbullying and actions to be taken.

There is nothing much to say about a title that you should formulate. If you need one, it has to be a shortened version of the full topic. For instance, is the topic refers to stalling someone's account information to break into their personal life and sending harmful messages, you can make it shorter by narrowing down to "Reasons to Steal One's Account." Make sure your title is no longer than 60-70 characters long, especially when submitting a paper online.

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