Cosmetology Essay on Beauty for School and College Students

A cosmetology essay is not a separate type of essay with specific requirements. It's a paper on a particular topic. You may either have cosmetology as a separate subject or just another topic covered in one of your classes. For instance, you may write a paper on this topic for your English composition or art class.

The issue of style and fashion is very relevant nowadays. A lot of young people (women, in particular) want to work in a beauty sphere or have experienced many cosmetology innovations themselves. So, this topic frequently becomes the subject matter of various academic projects.

If we consider cosmetology as a separate school subject, we can define it a certain way. "The study of beauty and beauty treatment that is divided into different categories according to the part of the body it refers to." While some professionals deal with hair, others take care of your face. Some experts working in this field specialize in polishing nails, and others recommend the proper methods to get rid of the excessive weight. Cosmetology is highly demanding in terms of responsibility. Only people who possess enough theoretical and practical knowledge can handle such a delicate mission as making the client healthy and beautiful. It's impossible to look good without feeling good inside. But, it makes no sense to be healthy but ugly outside.

You may be assigned to prepare a cosmetology essay for your nursing or healthcare program as these fields are interrelated. Or, if you want to apply for cosmetology school, it can be one of the admissions counselors' requirements. And, the intent for cosmetology essay writing doesn't matter. You have to know some rules and standards that are very essential to top-notch academic projects.

When you get to this specific assignment, consider its type to meet the writing purpose accurately:

Now, we'll continue to discuss this assignment by analyzing the basics of its structure.

How to Write a Cosmetology Essay

Once you decide on the type of paper, you should formulate a good topic for your discussion. To choose one, you may follow the trendy news and have a brainstorm with your friends. Remember that before you start writing, your professor should accept the topic. You can find the list of the possible topics below, but first, we would like to recall the standards of general cosmetology essay structure.

Now, let's take a closer look at each of these parts.

Writing a Winning Introduction

The most important thing is developing an introduction. This section has to be attention-grabbing to make the reader WANT to keep on exploring your essay. Sometimes, the best idea is to involve a shocking fact about beauty or a relevant quote/anecdote. For instance, "A famous company Botulinum Toxin Type A alone has encouraged more than 7 million plastic surgeries in 2018. In the future, I want my salon to surpass them."

Then, specify the reason why you wish to discuss a beauty-related issue and also explain that some people are obsessed with the idea of being beautiful.

Essay Body

As for the cosmetology essay body, start each new paragraph with the central argument (claim) that aims to defend the thesis. Next, you must always include some quotations from credible sources as well as vivid examples to justify your point of view. Add a transition word at the end of each body paragraph to show the logical flow of your thoughts. Transitions help to connect the paragraphs with each other as well as the rest of the text.

Cosmetology Essay Conclusion

A conclusion for any essay is the essential part if you wish to make an impression. In the last sentence or few, you may explain how to implement some beauty techniques in real life or provide some forecasts for the future of this sphere. Never state a new question, although you can finish the writing with a rhetorical one. For instance, "So, does it mean that natural beauty is valued less than artificial one?"

10 Stunning Cosmetology Essay Topics

We promised to share some good ideas for your writing. Pick one of the offered topics or come up with your own statements after research:

  1. What makes a woman attractive?
  2. People skills are necessary for the cosmetology field. What are those?
  3. The way people learnt how to sing beauty since the medieval ages.
  4. The difference between a cosmetologist and an esthetician.
  5. What is the importance of time management skills for cosmetology?
  6. The help of beauticians for people working in the area of public relation is unavoidable.
  7. Pros and cons of plastic surgery and its dramatic consequences.
  8. Do weight-loss pills really help? Why are people so obsessed with the idea of weight loss?
  9. Why is cosmetologist a challenging career to pursue?
  10. Role models and their impact on young people today.

There are many topics related to cosmetology to cover in your academic papers. Pick the one you feel comfortable with and start writing using our tips or our academic help!

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