Common App Essay Tips — Write a Perfect Essay for College Application

Want to write a killer common app essay which will attract the attention of admissions officer? Keep in mind that this is a kind of assignment that has the potential to influence the success of your application process. You need to make your personal statement interesting and memorable to stand out. It would be great to know more about the admissions committee and understand what do they want to read or what writings they consider trivial and primitive? But, there's something more relevant and useful. That's our extensive guide on common app essay tips and recommendations.

Here, we will go through several aspects that can help you come up with a winning college application essay:

What is the key objective of this article? We aim to provide students with a chance to go through the application process without worries. With our common application essay tips, you'll know what particular aspects should be highlighted in this assignment. You'll also understand how to avoid the most common mistakes. After reading this guide, you will be able to work with prompts for the common app essays, master the power of convincing and confident writing, and guarantee yourself a successful entering the college of your dreams.

Insightful Tips for Common App Essay

You already know that this essay should be focused on specific kinds of topics. Those are your interests, different life challenges, ideas that captivate you, or anything that describes your personality. The overriding purpose of this assignment is to get to know you better. That is why many students select a prompt that can help the admissions committee discover who they are. However, every life has its particularities, special events, and challenges. Hence, we've decided to prepare some specific common app essay tips on topics you should know.

What Your Essay Topic Is about?

How and what to tell about ourselves in an app essay puzzles many applicants: they aren't used to writing their own biographies. But, even such a task can be easy to deal with if you follow some simple steps:

You can always look for any information in the brochures or on the website of your chosen college or university. Most frequently, the schools openly report on a list of criteria students have to meet. Is it asking to provide specific certificates? Don't neglect to look for any useful information about the common app essay.

Common App Essay Preparation Tips

Before you start writing an app essay, consider the content diligently. Try to make a list of questions that will need to be answered in the process of writing an essay:

  1. Who are you?
    What is important to you? What do you say about your accomplishments during your studies or other activities? Confirm your statements with specific examples. Don't write just, "I am smart." Tell how you managed to solve a difficult problem. Don't say, "I am diligent." Describe the goal that you set and achieved. Tell about your loyalty to academic standards and objectives. You don't need to write about your character — it's better to show it through examples.
  2. Why did you choose a particular field of knowledge?
    Why do you want to devote your academic life to a particular specialty? Don't just say, "Chemistry is my favorite course." Tell about your impression during the first time you conducted experiments made on you or how you were carried away by a specific idea or phenomenon.
  3. Why did you choose this particular college?
    Learn as much as you can about the chosen institution. What exactly makes this university special? Don't just say, "Duke University is a great place." Write down what academic strengths attract you, call a professor who studies there in your area, or a research center working in this field of knowledge. Describe the uniqueness of the university.
  4. What is your professional goal?
    Don't just say, "My goal is to get a Duke University degree." Tell the admissions board how the degree you want to receive is interconnected with your personal and professional development. In college, your education will be a continuation of what you have already begun and will help achieve your goals. Your writing shouldn't be the story of the lost potential. Show that you know your objectives and are determined to achieve your education goals.

When you have decided on the aspects you would like to include in your assignment, we advise you to work on your app essay example. After the first draft of common application essay is done, you can notice that the structure is incoherent, and there should be more paragraphs. A good tip would be to reread your app essay sample after a break. Sometimes, a week of rest can be needed to come back to your essay with a clear mind and see what you can improve.

Main Stages of Writing

it's time to reflect on four major stages of your app writing.

Using these common app essay tips, you can prepare a solid ground for your writing and consider every step of your preparation. Now, you know what elements can influence the final result.

Basic Common App Essay Guidelines

The length limit for the application piece of writing is 650 words (the average length of the body section is 400-500). Therefore, you need to check whether you are within this word count. As for the structure, there are two approaches to this task. Some students think a common app essay is about themselves, their credentials and achievements, and a writer shouldn't follow a certain structure.

However, some experts have another viewpoint — planning the structure before you embark on writing can help avoid lots of mistakes. A pre-planned and structured text can help save some time and effort. This way, at the end of writing, you won't need to work with an essay coherence, fix the structure, delete or add paragraphs, etc. While writing, you should lay out the key ideas clearly and show their interconnection. Use transitional phrases to link different statements and make a common application paper more organized.

Double-check your essay before you submit it — you'll fix all the mistakes and boost the overall quality of the text. Don't be in a hurry because the proofreading stage can take more time than writing. You can either use online tools or ask one of our consultants to help you with the editing stage.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are several common app essay tips that will help you not to scare the admissions committee off. Many students make the following mistakes and, as a result, cannot succeed. So, in your application assignment, don't:

All these errors can make the admissions committee think that you don't have an individual opinion, cannot express your thoughts clearly, and aren't competent in the chosen topic. Remember that your essay will be read by people who have read hundreds of thousands of essays. They can easily distinguish lies from truth, pretense from sincerity, and selfishness from leadership qualities.

Final Touches

Now, the final part. We would like to summarize all our common app essay tips and go through the main questions you should answer while writings your application paper.

We hope this common app essay guide will help you create an application that won't leave the admissions committee indifferent. Although app writings differ from secondary essays or any other high school assignments, with a thoughtful approach, you will deal with it easily. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of applicants writing similar essays. That's why this assignment is a perfect opportunity to show what you're made of.

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