Is online dating experiencing an upswing in times of Corona?

Dating in times of Corona seems difficult without personal contact - nevertheless users use dating platforms. According to one expert, the phase can even offer advantages.

Dating in times of Tinder seems - more or less - easy. If you like a person, swipe right. If the other person does the same, there will be a match. If the chemistry is right in the chat, a date is quickly arranged. However, dating in the times of Corona seems to be pretty hopeless. Because a meeting, even an intimate one, is currently out of the question. What does that mean for dating platforms?

There even seems to be an upturn in user numbers for them. Because many people sit at home and are unable to work - and therefore have more time to surf on dating apps and dating agencies. The Parship Group, which includes the Parship and Elitepartner platforms, has seen an increase in member communication. Since the 13th calendar week, i.e. from March 23, more people have been sending messages than in the previous year. However, a spokeswoman says that one cannot derive specific numbers or a general trend from this.

Conversations at Tinder increase by 33 percent

At Tinder, there is even a significant increase: daily conversations around the world have increased by an average of 20 percent, the length of conversations has increased by an average of a quarter. In Germany, conversations even increased by 33 percent, the average duration increased by 17 percent.

The dating service now offers a previously paid area, the so-called passport, free of charge until April 30. This enables users worldwide to get in touch with other people.

Other services also see increased activity

Also with the dating app Bumble, where only women can start a conversation with a man - not the other way around - you can see an increased activity in the chat, video and voice call functions. "As the quarantine phase continues in the coming weeks, we expect these and other trends in user behavior to continue to evolve as more and more people look for ways to fight isolation and loneliness, and seek a virtual connection," the company said With.

Bumble does not see that the actual concept - people get to know each other and meet each other - is thwarted by the restrictions. The service is a tool for people who want to make virtual contact with other people. There are already reports that a pandemic could trigger loneliness. Their service offers the opportunity to get in touch with real people without having to meet physically, the company says.

Expert says talks are getting deeper

For Tanja Thelen, the rise in news on the dating portals is no wonder. She runs a couple therapy and sexual counseling practice in Munich and says about the Corona period for singles: "Of course, people are now looking for connections. It is difficult for singles, they are now at home a lot, and maybe also work in their home office This can increase the feeling of isolation."

And getting to know each other in everyday life is no longer necessary, says Thelen. It is rather unlikely that two people will get to know each other at the doctor. Therefore, dating portals are now a good medium to make contacts and find a relationship.

The current situation also has an impact on the content level: "In the normal chat process, you tend to send yourself short messages. Because you can't meet, the conversations become more profound, which saturates the desire for an emotional exchange," says the expert.

The fact that people in many federal states cannot meet, kiss or become personally intimate in any other way does not necessarily hurt: "In one situation or another, this can also create tension. And sexuality also needs a certain form of tension."

Tip for Dates: Eating together digitally

Through the longer contact until the first real date, you can also find out more easily whether your partner fits you. Thelen does not want to say that singles now have a better chance of finding a partner. But the exchange has a different quality and dating is now rather slowed down because you can't meet five people a week.

But with a little creativity you can still do something together: "You can go to a virtual concert, watch a series together and chat or arrange to have dinner on the Internet," says the alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. If there is interest on both sides, the contact is maintained even in Corona times.

You probably don't have to worry about missing topics of conversation. Tinder has also commented on this aspect - the company says: "And yes, everyone talks about toilet paper".

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