Many assignments, many purposes. A wide variety of school writings makes students see things from different perspectives and think about how to apply their skills and knowledge in the best way possible to get a high grade. Here, an important thing is how well you understand the primary purpose of a certain assignment. When you are aware of how to approach particular writing appropriately to cover a relevant topic in the way expected, you are halfway to success! Well, are you about to write a personal essay? To have a confident start, we suggest you recall the main features and requirements of this specific writing.

In a nutshell, personal writing is a story you share with the audience. That has to be your own story, and here, you have a lot of variants:

But don't overdo it with detail and turn your paper into a memoir or autobiographical novel. It is true that you can choose nearly any aspect or event of your life to use in your writing. But, make sure it will resonate to your audience. Don't confuse this assignment with a narrative essay that has a lot of similar requirements and writing features. Try to choose a topic that will cover your own experience and relate to universal truth.

Step-by-Step Guide

As an assignment with a regular college essay structure, this writing is also used as an application (or the scholarship) essay. It is a good chance for an admission committee to see how you perceive the word around, what are your priorities, and whether you deserve to study at the university of your dream. Hence, to get your own paper that will amaze the readers, you have to approach the writing thoroughly.


Your essay always starts with a standard college essay introduction. Speaking about personal writing, in this introduction, you should set the proper tone in the very beginning and interest the reader in your story. Remember that your introduction should allude the central events of your essay. Here are some examples on starting a personal essay and intrigue the audience:

You start with your own life and slowly proceed to universal issues. Now, it's time to write a body!

Body Paragraph

Usually, a body consists of at least three parts. You may use it as a chance to illustrate a certain idea from different perspectives, provide several examples to back your statement, etc. But don't forget to be precise. Think of writing a good personal essay about being an exchange student in the country of your dreams for a whole semester. Your task here is to illustrate it through the prism of particular events that are personal and intimate for you. Do a self interview:

To make the body part more interesting to read, diversify it with details. Recall how you felt at that particular moment.

Make sure the transitions between the paragraphs are logical, and the entire text is coherent.


Apart from your own analysis and reflection, in the conclusion for the personal essay, you have to provoke your readers' thoughts. You can formulate the final sentence idea in a way that will challenge the audience to draw their own ideas and conclusions. This way, you'll know that your essay made an impression!

Before submitting your personal essay, don't forget to proofread it: view all the text you have written to avoid any mistake and refine the narrative flow. When you are sure everything is perfect, turn your assignment in and wait for a good grade!

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