John Dewey, a renown American philosopher and educator, once said, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." Given how much each of us owes to education, we cannot but concur with this statement. To become productive members of society, we all have to go to a high school, college and university at different stages in our lives. The goal of high-school education (as well as higher education) is to ensure knowledge continuity, and one way of achieving that is to convey information in written form. That is precisely why educational institutions require their students to do all kinds of academic papers. You need to write essays in almost every standardized English test, including IELTS and TOEFL, to mention just a few. These essays, which are meant to refine analytical and writing skills, normally have these features:

Since this task is frequently given to the majority of students, it is easy to see why essays are so critical. To deal with it, you'll need some really good tutorials which are hard to come by these days. We walked in your shoes once, but we didn't have any online essay writing tutorials back in the days. Hence, you are at an advantage, and luckily for you, this is what our article explains in great detail. Given the word limit, writing a five-paragraph paper should be a no-brainer, but in certain situations, the prompt you're given can thwart your progress.

The Five-paragraph Essay Structure

Typically, essays have a five-paragraph structure:

Planning and preparation stages

Although this stage isn't an actual component of the paper, it is equally important. Imagine taking a Physics test without any preparation. Needless to say that your results will be below par. The same is true for essay writing - prior to taking on this profoundly important task, you should get yourself prepared thoroughly. You should do lengthy and painstaking research, as well as come up with an essay outline. And only once these steps have been taken care of can you safely proceed to the next stage, i.e., writing.

The introduction explained

The introductory part is a kind of direction sign that shows your readers the path your paper will follow. It can make it or break it for your task, which is why it should be as attention-grabbing as possible. If you fail to achieve that, your readers may feel bored and lose the desire to move on to subsequent sections of your paper. And that is why you should bring all your creative potential when brainstorming ideas for this paragraph.

The Body Part of a Five-Paragraph Essay

Keep in mind that by sticking to the "one point per one paragraph" principle you'll get to earn some additional points. Whenever you write a section, you should try to invoke a specific emotion in your audience (i.e., curiosity, surprise, excitement, etc.). Also, you should be careful not to exceed the word limit and stay within the required length.

Usually, your body paragraphs should look like this:

Try using a transitional hook to logically link the body paragraphs - that way you'll boost the overall quality of your paper.

The Concluding Paragraph

The overwhelming majority of students face problems with their concluding paragraphs. Contrary to what you may think, the conclusion is quite easy to deal with - all you need to do here is reiterate the points you made in the preceding sections. But, bear in mind that you should make an indelible impression on your readers, and primarily your teacher or professor.

Five-Paragraph Essay Topics

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a topic to write about. If you struggle with making up your mind in this regard, you should take a look at the list of debatable topics that you can pick for your essay:

An Insight Into The Grading Rubric

To help you score the grade you deserve, we'd like to bring to your attention the demands of your examiners:

Finally, you should discard the old dyed-in-the-wool mentality. You won't get anywhere unless you employ the principle of regular practice. That is the sole way of achieving perfection, and whoever does not use it is bound to constant failure. Stick to what you read in this article, keep practicing till you attain perfection, and kiss all your essay writing difficulties goodbye!

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