Students often report problems with their case studies. This type of assignment is different from a high school or college essay. It requires a specific answer to the question along with the effective solution instead of informative writing alone. A case study is like a complicated math problem that requires a full answer and detailed interpretation. That is why it is wrong to say that a student writes a case study. They rather prepare a solution to it.

Your case study is a research method used to study an individual, team of people, event, or object. Here is the list of subjects that may include writing a case study as part of the class:

That is not a full list. Learning how to solve case studies is valuable. By knowing it, one will use them as an effective corporate tool to sell product or service being part of the sales team, for instance. Every assignment of this type requires an original approach to solving the problem, and it is better to find the answer working in a team. It should be your own paper in the end, but you can mention other contributors.

A student has to choose the way to present their project. Here are the possible options:

Those are the basic things to know about the definition. The following sections will explain how to do this assignment.

4 Types of Case Studies

Decide which paper you need based on the classification of case studies. There are four of them.

  1. Descriptive.
  2. If you have no idea where to start and what the problem is about, this option is for you. Describe every tiny detail about the subject. If your project is on obesity as a form of the disorder, specify the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment methods, etc. A conclusion may be the most effective way to deal with obesity.

  3. Critical analysis.
  4. Writers from the literary fields prefer this one. A student obtains a written piece or another type of content to evaluate and criticize. The main steps are to interpret the offered data, assess the information, and come up with the conclusion in the shape of an efficient solution to the existing problem.

  5. Exploratory.
  6. A student should focus on quantitative data. With the help of relevant, trustworthy sources (your interview, surveys, polls, questionnaires), a writer should explore the issue.

  7. Cumulative.
  8. The goal is to blindly gather all possible facts, statistics, and other quantitative data. It is the opposite of qualitative info. The primary object of a student who selects this type of writing is to gather details about the research problem and evaluate the information to obtain inferences/solutions.

How to Conduct Research

A writer should start with prior research. Depending on the selected topic, it is essential to go online or to the college library to study the available sources and pick the best ideas to cite. That is how a student can choose the topic or find good evidence. Modern tutors insist on using conventional sources which means you should avoid books, newspapers, articles, and other content older than 5-10 years. A lot may have changed during that period.

The pre-writing steps include:

Experts recommend applying triangulation to get your A+. Depending on your subject of matter, get ready with an outline.

An Outline for a Case Study

A case study starts with an introduction. The rest of the sections are different by their content and purposes: aims, a method of analysis, results and discussion, and recommendations.

An introduction may be combined with the aims. A writer should introduce the situation/problem, explain why it is critical to solve the issue, and end up with a thesis statement (that would be the Aims section). The method must contain the full list of equipment and tools. Results should present the figures obtained by the researcher so that others would be able to repeat the same; the discussion section must offer interpretations of the results. Recommendations stand for particular solutions to implement. In the report, the author has to summarize the central points. A literature review with the full references to the analyzed sources (when the study was published and other details) with their short descriptions may be requested by your teacher (it is an analogy of bibliography).

Every time you insert a citation needed to support a piece of info, you should format it. Formatting of your work will depend on the subject or institution. Harvard Business School students should use Harvard citation format, those who study medicine will have to reference sources in AMA, IT students prefer IEEE, etc. Specify the format if you are not sure.

Prompts and Ideas for Your Case Study

In rare situations, tutors allow picking the topic. Mind that you should think about a full prompt made of several sentences and questions instead of a single-sentence topic. It is not an essay! These sample questions might help you to get inspired:

  1. Discuss the psychology behind the behavior of kids that suffer from social anxiety. Offer effective methods of preventing and treating mental disorders.
  2. Consumer behavior analysis and its role in business. Pick an existing business or come up with an imaginary one, analyze the consumer behavior, reasons why customers do/do not trust the company and offer solutions on how to improve the B2C relations.
  3. Large shops surviving the harsh competition in the US market. Define the causes of success and come up with recommendations and solutions for the start-ups that fail during the initial year of the launch.
  4. The correlation between the higher education and economic development of the country. Pick a specific country which suffers from various economic issues, define the level of higher education and overall literacy rates, and propose some solutions to improve the situation.
  5. The main causes of college drop-out cases. Analyze the factors that make students leave colleges during the first year and propose preventive measures.

Only a sample of work can provide you with an idea of how your case study should look. Oh, wait, it seems like we know another way!

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