Reading for pleasure allows enjoying the process instead of forcing yourself to make it through. Most of the people who start reading George Orwell's "Animal Farm" share that they are immersed in the novel completely. Even those who tell that books aren't their cup of tea agree that this story is a masterpiece.

Still, choosing the proper "Animal Farm" essay ideas to discuss in an academic paper isn't an easy task. Writing a good essay on this topic can be a challenge. That's because the book itself is rather philosophical - there's a lot of issues to analyze. The narrator covers many aspects related to politics, history, sociology, and psychology, and any area will be a relevant ground for your writing. You may ask how it is possible to highlight those issues if the book is about animals. But, while working on your homework assignment on "Animal Farm," you will discover the meaning of different techniques author uses to deliver his ideas.

As in the case with many other writings, an essay on Orwell's novel aims to make a student analyze the concepts, images, and messages covered in the book. And, if you are going to write a good essay, the first and major step remains the same - you have to choose and formulate a relevant topic. But how to find a perfect one? In this article, we will go through some issues that may be used by students of Literature specialties. We hope that our ideas will inspire you and help to come up with a judgment of a topic you need.

Recall the Background

First, let us recall the basics of the book's plot so that everyone will get the point without reading the entire piece.

It all starts when an aged boar who represents the farm's major calls a meeting. It suggests that the pets are nothing but garner Jones's slaves that have no rights of freedom, and the man gains the advantage of using them for his own purposes. The boar calls for a revolution to fight for rights, and in three days, it kicks the bucket. The pets get rid of Jones's easily and occupy his lands - the Animal Farm is founded.

There is another character, a pig named Snowball, which is presented in a book as an idealist. For it, being free means being polite and educated. That is why Snowball tries to teach the animals things that people can do - reading and thinking logically. Snowball believes that everyone should respect each other and be equal.

And, Boxer - a horse that is the strongest animal on the farm. With Snowball, these two get along well at first. But that's until the smart Snowball offers to build a windmill and provide all animals with electricity. The opposition traits it as an endeavor and scare off Snowball by bringing out the dogs. Napoleon, who is in the head of the farm, decides that now, only pigs have a right to make decisions and implement laws. And that is when it's getting worse. During an attempt to build the windmill using Boxer and other animals as slaves or free labor, Napoleon crashes down. As the windmill falls over, he blames Snowball for everything taking place.

So, how does the plot remind you of a real-life situation? What social issues do you think are hidden in the book "Animal Farm" and how can you use them for a good essay? Take your time - we have prepared an insightful guide on how to implement those ideas from the novel in your writing.

15 Best "Animal Farm" Paper Topics

To begin with, collect the necessary information from the external sources and the book itself, and develop an outline. The best reference is the original Orwell's story, for sure. Have the book right beside you to consult it, if needed. While reading, make notes to pick the best quotes, and support your statements well.

The next stage is to make an outline - it will help you to move on while writing a paper. Depending on the theme you choose, your points will be named differently, but the overall image of your outline can be the following:

The Image of Farm in the Orwell's Novel

  1. Introduction
    • A quote from the story
    • The significance of the selected question
    • Background information
    • Thesis statement
  2. Body
    • Claim 1 (A farm represents the country)
    • Claim 2 (Animals underestimate the role of farm in their lives)
    • Claim 3 (A farm as a real-life image from your experience)
  3. Conclusion
    • Paraphrased thesis statement
    • Summary of the main points (claims)
    • A rhetorical question (how far it could go if...)

At this stage, make sure that your paragraphs are organized logically, and the essay content will be coherent for the audience. The theme you select has a great impact on how your overall structure will look. And now, it is time to list the possible topics to write on.


The story is full of extraordinary characters that you can discuss. Pick and analyze one of them and try not to retell the plot.

Those can be a good ground for a character analysis essay as well.


"Animal Farm" covers various social and political issues, so you have plenty of ideas to choose from.

These are the central themes covered by George Orwell, and investigating one of them through the novel's plot will be a relevant choice.


There are many hidden messages in the story written by Orwell. If you can see those references, you understand what historical events are described in the book, and if you're not a fan of symbols - here are some topics for you:

Those were some relevant essay topics for your Animal Farm assignment. Feel free to use them and express your ideas on the book in the best manner.

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